Attractive mathematical induction

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Herbert S. Wilf, Professor of Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania has said: "Induction makes you feel guilty for getting something out of nothing, and it is artificial, but it is one of the greatest ideas of civilization." (Gunderson, 2011, p. 1).Mathematical induction is like real life when a little sprout grows and blossoms into a magnificent flower, when a small acorn transforms into a huge oak tree, when two cohabiting people develop a family, when substantial aims are born of a simple thought, when a single drop of water creates a puddle, when great love thrives from a single sight, and when a large house is built by putting together brick by brick. The method of mathematical induction can be compared with the progress. We start with the lower degree and, as a result of logical judgments; we come to the general conclusion (result). The man always tries to advance, tries to develop his ideas in a logical way, consequently, nature itself makes the man think in an inductive way.